Caliber Residential Advantage Fund, LP

A perpetual fund consisting of residential income-producing properties. A hands-off approach for investors looking to build wealth through rental properties without the hassle of management.


A fund built to provide individual investors access to consistent, monthly income through income-producing properties while providing peace of mind.


The Caliber Residential Advantage Fund, LP is designed to serve multiple purposes in an investor’s portfolio.


Learn more about the investment process & how to start growing your wealth with the Caliber Residential Advantage Fund, LP.

Featured Fund Properties

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Acquisition Cost: $118,200

Monthly Rent: $1,125

Estimated Value: $120,000

Cap Rate: 7.55%

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Acquisition Cost: $204,385

Monthly Rent: $1,595

Estimated Value: $220,000

Cap Rate: 6.56%

Location: Glendale, AZ

Acquisition Cost: $98,500

Monthly Rent: $950

Estimated Value: $100,000

Cap Rate: 7.15%


Purpose The Caliber Residential Advantage Fund, LP exists to pursue one simple goal – to build the perfect structure for residential investing that pursues the best opportunities that exist through all market cycles to buy, rent, flip, or build homes in attractive, grow-oriented markets. In doing so, the Caliber Residential Advantage Fund, LP provides access to allow individual investors to exceed the risk-adjusted results they could otherwise attempt to achieve investing alone.

Vision The Caliber Residential Advantage Fund, LP will grow in its first few years to owning hundreds of homes in attractive markets. While the structure may change and evolve, and the Caliber Residential Advantage Fund, LP may grow into different markets and pursue different strategies at different times, the underlying investment model of purchasing or constructing assets that produce an attractive income stream will not change. In five years, the Caliber Residential Advantage Fund, LP will have gained national recognition as the best place for individual investors and registered investment advisors to place capital seeking superior risk-adjusted returns.

Peace of Mind

The Caliber Residential Advantage Fund, LP will provide peace of mind to investors seeking high levels of safety for their capital, combined with reasonable, risk-adjusted returns.

Consistent, Monthly Income

The Caliber Residential Advantage Fund, LP is designed to provide consistent, monthly income, secured by direct ownership in residential homes and properties.

No Experience Required

The Caliber Residential Advantage Fund, LP will be the perfect answer to investors seeking to own and invest in residential rentals and investment strategies without having to become experts in real estate.

Fund Benefits

Secured Investment

Your capital is secured through direct ownership of income-producing rental houses and other residential assets.

Monthly Income

Rentals are a well-known source of reliable passive income. To keep it passive, we handle the headaches of ownership and send you a monthly check.


Watch as we grow your rental income, reduce expenses, and increase equity through the various market cycles.


With the option to redeem your investment within 6 months of request, we’ve matched the experience of exiting the Caliber Residential Advantage Fund, LP to the experience of selling an investment home you own.


The Caliber Residential Advantage Fund, LP does not close and is available for you to set the term of your investment - with a minimum of 18 months and no maximum.


Own property in multiple markets, pursue multiple investment strategies and utilize sophisticated techniques which are typically reserved for complex commercial assets.

Learn More

Steps to Invest: We make it simple to understand and easy to invest.

1) Connect: Contact Caliber to set up a call or meeting.

2) Discovery Meeting (or Call): Get to know Caliber and our various available investment vehicles. Let us know what you’re looking for in your investment portfolio and how we may be of service.

3) Opportunity Review: You’ll receive a variety of information based on your initial meeting with a Caliber team member. Gather as much knowledge as you’d like to make an informed decision.

4) Opportunity Meeting (or Call): Meet with a Caliber team member to discuss any questions you have about the investment or investments of interest.

5) Investment Application: Complete a Subscription Application for the investment(s) of interest and transfer funds.

6) Welcome: Receive official acceptance of your investment and a welcome gift.

7) Delivery: Watch equity grow and receive distributions. Stay involved as much or as little as you’d like with regular updates, investor calls, and even live events!

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